Our core proposition; driving your business...


I provide each of my clients with a bespoke representation service tailored to their core area of interest and business requirements. Spending fifteen years in the international marketplace has formed my unique understanding and awareness of how the international travel trade operates – I will use that experience for your benefit. My role is to ensure that the tour operator or agent understands perfectly how your product or service will meet their client’s ultimate needs. The nuances involved in successfully delivering this kind of service are simply not acquired overnight. My experience in knowing and being able to influence the people, who in turn I ask to sell your product or service, ensures you the most timely return on your investment possible. Why spend years trying to cultivate relationships yourselves, when I already have them to share with you!

Golf Consultancy

Golf is not just a game – it’s a business, in fact it’s big business. My knowledge and experience of the world of golf tourism has been garnered from years of working in and around the industry and playing the game itself. I know the crème de la crème of golf tour operators from around the world personally; I have worked on international golf events such as the 2006 Ryder Cup and 2007 Walker Cup and I have travelled the globe and represented the courses and properties of the island of Ireland at industry events for neigh on two decades. Perhaps you consider golf tourism to be too niche for your business, well think again, talk to me, I guarantee I will convince you otherwise!

Sales & Marketing

The hospitality industry operates in a dynamic, fluid environment where it’s often easy to become influenced by trends, fads or the latest innovations. Businesses that stray from their core proposition ultimately lose focus; their strategic planning quickly rendered obsolete. The ‘Cotter Collection’ never loses sight of its core proposition – to effectively use long- standing relationships to consistently deliver growth and increase clients’ profits. That experience and those relationships open doors. You’ve heard the phrase ‘people buy from people they trust’? It’s fairly simple human nature. Give me a call and decide for yourself if I can add value and drive your business forward.

Concierge Services

The Cotter Collection offers a bespoke ‘concierge service’ to the tour operator and their clients. After investing significant time and effort in planning your client’s trip wouldn’t you rather have the peace of mind that someone met them on arrival that can set the perfect tone for their trip? Someone who recognises the importance of getting your client on the way smoothly and who can actually relate to them and their expectations. Someone to impart that snippet of local knowledge, right down to the detail of the very challenge they will face during their afternoon 18. We all understand that from time to time things don’t go as planned when we travel, so when it doesn’t, wouldn’t it be reassuring to know that you had a concierge on site to make the right phone call to the right person at the right time before that molehill becomes a mountain? Fortunately for you I have a network of contacts to cover every eventuality, so place your trust in me, you won’t be disappointed.