Dynamic, professional, results focused.

The Cotter Collection is first and foremost a relationship business. In fact, I have been building relationships for over 15 years and pride myself on being recognised for my integrity, honesty and trustworthiness – the cornerstones of any rock-solid relationship. If you would like an endorsement of my work, please feel free to talk to any of my clients; I’m sure you will like what you hear.

I possess an intimate knowledge of the hospitality industry. I suppose it’s not difficult to understand why, particularly when you consider a career journey that has taken me from hotel kitchen porter to senior management. However it is my knowledge of the golf travel industry where my niche lies. I’ve literally spent years getting to know the most influential people in the industry, a collective experience that I am more than happy to bring to the table for the benefit of your business.

Having been a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), I also understand the ‘Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Events’ (MICE) market like the back of my hand having worked with some of the largest corporate organisations in the world through the vehicle of some of the biggest event agencies in the world, delivering global cutting edge programmes.

Finally, I understand the wider travel industry intimately. I am continuously out and about in the global marketplace, attending events, conducting presentations and meeting whom I know can deliver you business. The Internet has unquestionably made the world a smaller place, but I cannot foresee the day when it will ever truly replace the handshake. Personal relationships are the key to my business model and I guarantee that as part of my ‘Collection’ you will be continuously placed in front of the people who need to see you most – your customer.

The travel industry continuously evolves, it adapts to circumstance and change on an almost daily basis and it can place significant demands on time; the time of sales people, that of owners and managers, people precisely like you. That project, the one you know is so important but simply gets left in the pile for another day, that’s where I excel. We’re all familiar with the phase “You can’t buy experience” well actually…I believe you can! Give me a call, my promise to you - the first coffee is definitely on me!